Liturgical DancewearLiturgical Dancewear

Liturgical Dancewear

The Importance of Liturgical Dancewear

Several local theaters and dance companies perform religious plays and use special garments to allow the dancers to move freely while singing and dancing. Performers wear liturgical dancewear when they perform songs and dance of worship. Dancing in worship services is either spontaneous or choreographed and the outfits may differ in designs but the bottom line is, these dances interpret worship and prayer. The problem liturgical dancers face usually boils down to few dressmakers or companies selling these garments and their accessories in normal brick and mortar stores. Occasionally these companies sew their own costumes when they do conduct religious performances.

Several fabrics are available for liturgical dance costumes but most dancers prefer nylon and polyester since these fabrics are easy to care for. Polyester offers a relaxing fit and allows some span for movements. This fabric type allows for dance garments styles with full skirts since it is inexpensive. Nylon, on the other hand, is a smooth, strong and lightweight fabric suitable for long dresses, full tops and pants. It allows free movement during dances and may be used for longer periods because of its strength. Used considerably in liturgical dance uniforms, spandex allow dancers to move freely since the fabric is stretchable. Moreover, they also come is various finishes and colors allowing for more options.

The Part That Liturgical Dancewear Plays in Religion

Sometime some faith practices do liturgical dances as an expression of their faith and worship. They use liturgical dance garments that have a modest cut and have a full, flowing form. The style usually features angel sleeves and matching scarves, empire cut dance outfits, turtleneck leotards, full skirts, long tunics and some sashes. When companies opt for sewing liturgical dancewear for their dancers, they need to remember that liturgical skirts need to be long. Some would prefer ankle-length skirts while others favor those that barely touch the floor. The favorite styles for skirts are the circle skirts (a bit pleated at the waist), the double circle skirt (wider than the circle skirt) and the handkerchief skirt (with uneven hemlines). The palazzo pants (wide-legged) are also a favorite style in the dancewear for men. These give an impression of a skirt when the person wearing it stands still, however, the pants can be visible when the dancer begins to move. The shoes do not pose a problem since liturgical dancers usually dance barefoot.

Liturgical dance dresses are important like the worship and praise integrated with the dance. The liturgical dances offer a demonstration of faith, praise and prayer. Most Christian ceremonies and services include this form of prayer these days. Therefore, what the dancers wear during this worship is an important component thus proper selection of the liturgical dancewear patterns is essential.

How to choose the most suitable liturgical dancewear for your needs

Many shops on line that specializes on these dance garments these days so it will not be difficult to choose the best liturgical dancewear that would help you express your faith through dance. The important thing to remember is to make sure that these garments are comfortable, modest and can withstand wear. Keep in mind that uncomfortable clothes can affect the way you dance and technical difficulties may happen and ruin the worship and praise atmosphere, so choose your liturgical dancewear carefully.