Liturgical Dance GarmentsLiturgical Dance Garments

Liturgical Dance Garments

How to Choose Liturgical Dance Garments

Liturgical dance garments are the garments worn in church by the worship team. It is no longer hard to pick the perfect attire since there is an increased number of online manufactures selling a wide variety of praise and worship dance garments and accessories. There is a plethora of perfect Christian dancewear that is purposely designed to be worn by dancers for church events and functions. The liturgical garments are modest and go well with most church’s believes and traditions.  In order to complete the spiritual look, the dancers can accessorize the dance garments with shawls, sashes, headpieces and belts.

What to Look For In Your Liturgical Dance Garments

The liturgical dance garments that you choose to wear, should be a comfortable outfit. It should allow easy movement because most of the praise and worship songs are vigorous. The christian dance garments you choose should allow you to give God and the congregation your best. Some of the very common liturgical outfits for women are long tunics and full skirts. Other dancewear styles are angel sleeve dance dresses which can be worn with matching scarves. A dance team can also purchase empire waist glitter silky dresses or turtleneck leotards which are all suitable outfits for church performances.  It is important to pick an outfit that will make you stand out in the midst of the rest of the congregation.  The days when people had a particular Sunday best are long gone. You can consult a costume designer for advice and guidance when choosing praise and worship dance wear.

When picking your liturgical dance garments, it is advisable to pick something that will make the congregation awestruck when their dance team goes into the church dressed in matching dance dresses and dressy hats. The church dance team can agree to have casual dance dresses for ordinary church days. They can then invest on special dance suits and dresses for other special functions. Some of these special functions are Christmas and Easter holidays, Weddings, Baptisms, First Holy Communion and Confirmations.

Worship Dance Garments for All Ages

The following are a few basic tips that can guide the liturgical dancers when purchasing their liturgical dance garments in order to make their appearance look special. The girl dances can purchase long sleeved dresses while the boys can go for dance clothes that are a bit simple but tasteful.  Boys’ and men’s dancewear should mostly include natural colors for example pastels, ivory, khaki, ivory, beige and cream. The prints and patterns should be in moderation and good taste.  Women dancers should go for garments that look wonderful on them. It is a good practice to keep their shoulders covered in case they chose casual liturgical dance wear. It is also best and very religious to avoid wearing miniskirts during their performances. This is because short skirts are too revealing and will restrict their movements. The dance dresses should always be kept clean and well pressed in order to give the liturgical dancer a smarter look. The dance garments do not need to be expensive to be attractive. There are many economical and stylish outfits that are affordable to all members of the dance team.